Waste Management Solutions

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We are able to offer customized waste management solutions across Canada!

Waste Stream Audit

Do you know what's in your waste? Are you sending material to the landfill that could be recycled? Let us help you make your business a more sustainable one. Emterra can study your waste so you don't have to!

Waste Stream Audits are an excellent option for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) customers.

Bin Solutions

When you're busy running your business, we are busy managing your waste and recycling programs. Leaving the heavy lifting to us means you're working with an experienced partner in commercial waste, recycling and composting. And we do more than just haul your material away. We can help you divert more material from the landfill, improve your environmental footprint and save you money on disposal fees.

From construction waste to cardboard boxes, our Carts – Totes – Front End Bins – Roll Off Bins – Compactor solutions can handle just about anything you throw in them.


Almost half of all waste headed to the landfill is organic material - and it doesn't have to be that way. The list of provinces and municipalities moving toward zero organics in the landfill is growing.

Organics (like kitchen food waste), along with leaf and yard waste, can all be collected and composted. This material builds the landscape for the natural and biological breakdown of organic matter and extends the life of your landfill. We have a variety of collection trucks and bins available to collect the organic waste from your multi-family property, business, industrial location, public institution or event, removing it for proper disposal.

Recycling Services

We believe in reducing the amount of waste in our lives and recycling from your multi-family home, businesses or commercial property is a great way to do that. By diverting waste and choosing to recycle, you are improving your environmental footprint, participating in a green economy and can save money on your disposal fees.

Dual and single stream recycling options are available at one of our locations across Canada. A representative can help you establish your recycling program or further improve your current solutions.